A field of one’s own

Land acquisition

Nadeva is always actively seeking properties suitable for constructing wind or solar farms – For example farmland, forests, and gravel mines, as well as land next to railway tracks and major national motorways.

First, we investigate whether it is basically suitable on the basis of a location analysis. If it is, we find out from the local property owners and municipalities what the framework conditions are for site acquisition. To win as much acceptance as possible for our projects, we work in close coordination with our contract partners and communities in the potential areas during the planning phase.

Do you have a piece of land that you would like us to appraise, or are you looking for a suitable site for your project?

If so, please contact:

Your contact for PV projects
Dennis Hußfeldt
+49 (0)4631 4062 10
+49 (0)173 6765 388

Your contact for wind projects
Thorsten Schella
+49 (0)4631 40862 11
+49 (0)172 4630 164

Your contact for contractual partners
Alexandra Johannsen
04631 40862 50