Paving the way

Permit planning

Whether your project involves wind or solar energy, greenfield land, or a halfway or fully developed project, Nadeva is your expert for taking your land-use planning all the way to construction-ready status. Another area of expertise is the supervision of re-powering projects.

We use the site data as a basis for creating preliminary plans and layouts, procure required appraisals, for example for noise and shading, and follow the Federal Emissions Control Act permit process and land-use plan until the building permit is in force.

Please contact:

Head of project development
Carsten Brodersen
+49 (0)4631 40862 40
+49 (0)162 1851 077

Projet development wind projects
Christina Schönbeck
+49 (0)4631 40862 30
+49 (0)172 8419 251

Project development PV projects
Lina Petersen
+49 (0)4631 40862 12

Permit planning
Achim Keßler
+49 (0)4631 40862 13
+49 (0)162 2524 021

Site planning
Karsten Pedersen
+45 20282440